Web3 primer: setting up your cryptowallet & buying your first NFT

Recently I've written a lot about web3 use cases, from organising raves as DAOs, to 1,000 true fan organisations, to the basics of bootstrapping a DAO.

In order to get more of you actively participating, this post goes into something more practical: setting up a wallet & acquiring an NFT. I've set it up as a video:

A step-by-step guide on:

  • How to set up a cryptowallet using Metamask
  • Adding cryptocurrency to your wallet using Coinbase
  • Buying your first NFT on ENS
  • Monitoring transactions on Etherscan
  • Giving your wallet a nice address like basgras.eth or musicxblockchain.eth


I spent about $50 on gas fees and .eth addresses in order to create this video. This is why I have a Patreon community for MUSIC x whose contributions help me cover the costs associated with running the sites & newsletter. Thank you! 🖤

If you want to put your new wallet to use and would like a more Web3 method to contribute, you can send a tip to this smart contract, which will then automatically split your tip to the musicxblockchain.eth and basgras.eth wallets. ETH in the former wallet will be used to fund future projects. As always: only if you can afford it. My goal is for MUSIC x to be freely accessible with as few barriers as possible.

Tip: if you want to follow along using a cheaper method, you can also use the Tezos blockchain. It uses a 'Liquid Proof of Stake' consensus mechanism, which is more efficient, so lower gas fees and cleaner environmentally-speaking. For Tezos, you can use the Temple wallet and register your domain on Tezos Domains.

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